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Mobile Experience:
App Redesign Canvas LMS

Adding functionality and intuitiveness 



Northwest Online Canvas LMS


Select a currently existing mobile app that suffers from usability or design issues. Carry out a heuristics evaluation and redesign the app to provide a delightful and intuitive user experience.


Northwest Online is the designated learning management system (LMS) that Northwest Missouri States uses for all of their 8,000+ student body. As a digital-first campus having an efficient and effective mobile app with everything the student-user needs as well as providing a degree of personalization is of utmost importance. 


To improve user experience and search engine optimization, the solution involved using HTML/CSS to develop a new website, implementing a search bar for efficient information retrieval and optimizing the website to enhance visibility and search rankings. Additionally, the content strategy included providing relevant links to local chapters, national mental health resources, and other organizations, while dedicating a section to showcase Waubonsie Clinic's providers with comprehensive biographies and credentials.


The goal was to ensure educational and informative content while enhancing the visual appeal by incorporating additional images and overall design improvements, which were user-tested.



Design and develop a new accessible website using HTML/CSS including all of the webpages available at the time.


A clear distinction between services offered

Easy access to appointment management

Improve overall usability and information architecture

Clear design layout and readability

Include more patient resources and SEO opportunities 


Competitors’ websites that were reviewed and findings, both the good and bad components of these sites.

Competitor analysis of Waubonsie Mental Health Center including user experience, design layout and features
wireframes and first sketches of a medical website user interface

Following the analysis, I created some low-fidelity wireframes of the UI and the information architecture of the sitemap.



high fidelity UI prototype of a medical service website

To improve the site's user experience (UX), our users recommended relocating the "Peer Support information" button to a more discoverable location, such as the resources tab, rather than on the services page. Additionally, according to user feedback, the button should provide immediate access to the information instead of requiring scrolling, ensuring a seamless experience.


The second theme in our users' feedback was that it would be better to move the FAQs to their own page as they were somewhat buried.

Optimizing the site's header by reducing its size would enhance usability and eliminate obstruction, leading to an overall improved user experience.

User Testing

We used Illustrator and InVision to create high-fidelity prototypes in order to do the first few user tests of our website.

Our tests covered the home page, about us page, services page, events page, and contact us navigation. It was mostly about user journey and navigation. 

The user tests were carried out through or in person. We set them up in 7 goal-oriented scenarios.

high fidelity UI prototype of a medical service website
Responsiveness & Search Engine Optimization



So, What Do you Say?

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