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About Me

This is my story

Some people describe me as empathetic and genuine; some others as organized and committed. I would say I’m a resourceful and optimistic dreamer.

As a young girl, I would talk on and on about different topics, but the one word that would remain prevalent was “why.” I was a passionate asker. It didn’t matter who I was asking it to, I simply needed to understand how the world around me worked.

The habit of asking that question stuck with me for the long run. Because I was curious to understand and to learn, I naturally got involved in many activities throughout high school. From leadership and debate workshops, startup competitions, many conferences on innovation and body language, to a study abroad program in England.

My desire to learn and to challenge my worldview crafted the driven person I am today. After my exchange program, I was looking for ways of expanding my cultural awareness while developing a skill set. Studying in the US meant meeting new and diverse people, learning from the most experienced and passionate professors, and enhancing my soft and hard skills.


The BrandLab Summer Institute - Q&A session after presenting a winning campaign pitch with the team I led.

Youth Diplomats Institute by GlobalTies KC - Facilitating an ideation workshop session.

Quick Facts


My hobbies

Learning new languages, planning trips, and painting.


My hometown

Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.


My precious collection

Pins and stickers from every state (US) or country I've been to.


My favorite Podcast

The Daily Stoic.

Quick Facts
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