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Check out some of the projects that I have worked on. Ranging from media planning, SEO research, usability testing, branding, web development, and graphic design, I have the skills to make your vision come to life. And all with great communication and humor!

Throughout this project my team and I researched the target audience, purpose of the site, and competitors. I created wireframes of the layouts and prototypes. They were user-tested by five users with and InVision. I coded the CSS for the overall website, and the HTML for the Home and Contact webpages. 

Home _ Waubonsie Midwest Mental Health Center in Iowa.png

I created a more attractive and intuitive interface following usability heuristics such as: match between system and the real world, consistency and standards,  aesthetic and minimalist design.


Redesigned the current WEB-FOCUS dashboard into a Tableau Dashboard from scratch. Learned new software in a four-month-long project. 

I also created a dashboard for Northwest's COVID-19 cases.


To develop my personal aesthetic I had in mind a classy, timeless, elegant yet creative style with simple lines, serif typography and symmetric with muted/earthy tones.

WordPress ADA-compliant Website Redesign

LettuceDream requested a website redesign that complied with ADA policies and was very user-friendly. My partner and I added a "donate" button, enhanced the sitemap by making it easier to access sections, provided an accessibility extension as well as specific hyperlinks to navigate the webpage with the keyboard.


During the spring of 2020 at Northwest Missouri State, I developed a media plan for Marin Bikes' Fairfax 1.

"Fantastic work, Martina! You did high-level work and this is definitely something for your portfolio." - Jacquie Lamer, Sr Instructor, Intro to Advertising


Six-month-long project for new faculty in Northwest Online with lots of feedback from the director of the office, faculty, staff and leadership. From a text-heavy document, I designed a visually appealing and effective guidebook while working on smaller projects at the same time. 


Throughout the semester, I designed several spreads and feature pages. The theme for this year was "Highlights" since it was their 100th anniversary, they wanted to make a play on words by underscoring the major events as well as using the highlighter effect. One of the challenges was the format: a square yearbook.


Challenge: find a topic, interview people who fit your profile, interview experts in the field, and find data to back up the fact that the topic you decided on is actually a trend.

"What a terrific story. Well written, the quotes are great, and it just has this welcoming feel to it. Excellent work." - Jason Offutt, Professor

Wrote a story about a professor of political science who owns a safari in the African continent. This story is for a general newspaper audience. 

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